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If You Were God What Would You Do To Get Your Attention?

Author : Penny Shellswell

Submitted : 2008-10-30 00:00:00    Word Count : 1247    Popularity:   317

Tags:   attention, responsibility, joy, illhealth, afflicted, perish, delight, merciful, control, confusion, peace,

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What more does God have to do to make us sit up and take note? Have these questions ever crossed your mind?

Almighty God lives in Heaven. We live on the earth. Yes, it all belongs to Him but He has given us the responsibility of ruling here. As believers, we know, it is only through Jesus that we can have a relationship with our Father.

But as a non-believer I used to have times of great joy singing around the house or wherever. There was no specific reason for this joy. No one had given me a present, come to visit me or sent me a letter. I was just full of joy.

I realise now that being made in His image, joy is part of the nature that He has put within us. That joy should have caused me to question where it came from. Was He seeking to get my attention?

'The precepts of the Lord are right giving joy to the heart'. (Ps 19 v 8) Wow! There's the reason.

So if I had joy it should have caused me to question and search. I regret it didn't. It was many years later before I came to know Him.

What about ill health? Is that Father God seeking to get our attention? Again from my own experience of TB and other health problems, I believe the answer is again, yes.

Psalm 119 says, 'Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey Your word.' 'It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn Your decrees'. 'I know, O Lord, that Your laws are righteous, and in faithfulness You have afflicted me.' 'If Your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction.' (v67, 71, 75, 92)

What a wonderful understanding of the ways of the Lord.

The progression of going astray, doing one's own thing, to learning His ways, coming out the other side and being able to say, 'in faithfulness you afflicted me'.

Now recognising that if the law of the Lord had not become his delight he would have perished in his affliction.

What a merciful God we have! But is that how we view afflictions?

Now He's rattling our cage harder because we have not heeded Him. We have continued to go our own way. So now we have unusual weather patterns, food shortages and financial collapses.

At the root of all these problems is one thing. Man. The heart of man is deceitful above all things and beyond cure (Jer 17 v 9) so we are open to the deception of the enemy.

We have lived more for him, the enemy, through our carnal self, than we have for God. God in His mercy and desire that none should perish is making His Presence known in more powerful ways.

Are we listening? Are we heeding? Or are we still like ostriches with our heads in the sand saying it can't happen to us?

Jesus died and rose again so that we might have a dynamic relationship with Him, Father and Holy Spirit.

Do we love Him for what He gives us, in which case we are controlling the relationship or are we passionately in love with Him so that He is our prize and very great reward, so that His heartbeat becomes our heartbeat?

We need to develop that level of intimacy with Him so that He's in control of our lives.

The following story vividly demonstrates the power of God to intervene on our behalf if we will give ourselves to Him.

"I was 'low flying' through the African bush when I came upon a roadblock of communist soldiers. They were bristling with AK47 automatics, rockets, mortars and an array of other weapons. I always drove fast to beat the bullets!

As the roadblock loomed up rapidly and I was still cruising at eighty, I asked the Lord, 'Should I run them?' The Holy Spirit distinctly whispered to me, 'No, stop. I will undertake.'

As I screeched to a halt before those very aggressive soldiers, my vehicle was instantly surrounded and one young soldier thrust his AK47 through the window right into my ear.

Now, in the thinking of the world, I was supposed to be intimidated and full of fear. If there is anything which makes me really angry, it is when somebody points a gun at me.

I am certainly not afraid of that. The issue was whether I was going to rule or be ruled in the middle of the African bush.

With the barrel of that weapon in my ear and the young soldier shouting, 'Today you die! Today you die!' I slowly turned my head towards him, looked him in the eyes, snatched the barrel away from my face with a sudden move and bellowed, 'No! I will not die, I belong to Jesus.'

The soldier fell back from the vehicle in absolute amazement, as did his comrades at my shout. I could see the astonishment written all over their faces.

'What's wrong? We have the guns and this man should be afraid! This is not working.'

The intimidator suddenly became the intimidated.

All natural understanding and behaviour demanded that I should have been terrified but I was not because the peace of the Lord was my portion as a result of delighting in Him and enjoying Him. I became the ruler and inherited the earth.

While the entire platoon was jabbering in amazement at the reverse of roles, the captain came out of the bush shouting, 'What's going on here? What's going on?'

In almost a chorus, the platoon replied, 'this man refuses to die!' They might have added, for it was apparent by their faces and behaviour, 'And we're confused.'

The captain was coming to 'set things in order' but as he reached the vehicle, the same confusion overcame him.

The Lord was present and fully in control of the whole situation. I was immensely enjoying myself and eager to see the outcome. The captain had clearly lost the initiative.

Then he saw my Bible on the back seat of the car and with a stammer asked, 'Is that a Bible? Do you have one for me? I have not been to church for seventeen years.'

'Why sure I have a Bible for you. In fact, I have a whole box in the trunk. Just let me get them.'

With that I alighted from the vehicle, grabbed the box of Bibles and distributed them amongst the soldiers. Hostility turned to peace and bewilderment to joy as they received the Word in a communist land where the Bible was forbidden.

The entire platoon knelt down at my bidding, prayed the sinners prayer and then melted off into the jungle with waves and smiles as if nothing had happened."
(Extract from Sermon on the Mount by Michael Howard).

Doesn't that excite you? It sure does me. I want that level of intimacy with Him so that no matter what happens I know that He is in control.

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Copyright2008 Penny Shellswell Jointly leads training courses in Intimacy with the Father. Holy Spirit is stirring believers across the UK to intercession. True intercession is touching Gods heart for His strategy, with our prayer and travail until Gods assurance is received. The goal? Winning the lost and dying of the UK through the setting up of 800 Intercession groups.

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