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Who Are These Unqiue Individuals Called Indigo Children?

Author : Nathan Scheer

Submitted : 2010-02-12 08:26:16    Word Count : 1181    Popularity:   59

Tags:   indigo children, 2012, mayan, nwo, spiritual, psyhic, artist, children, special children, smart

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Indigo Children

by: Simranjeet Singh

This is a quick overview of Indigo Children, you can find more references to videos and additional information by viewing author notes at the bottom

These unique individuals have been around since the late 1970’s and ever since becoming more and more frequent. As I read now about what an Indigo Child is I’m seeing myself the qualities are also forming in myself and many others in the world – well what are these qualities?

They say on many different sites and books that these unique individuals are of a nature that would be considered what some people are calling “Christ Consciousness” and they are imbued with talents and knowledge that seems to surpass those around them at an increasing speed every year. Those who write and speak about Indigo Children are becoming more and more well known through out the world with even an occasion of ABC reporting on them, although in the popular ABC clip it does seem they try to bend the perception about these children. Usually this is how it goes with news and media sources, it’s not uncommon for them to debunk or mis represent in a manner that moves the idea away from future reports.

But as they report, they are psychic, knowledgeable & very creative! Some say that are more skeptical that the creativity of these individuals is because the parents force them to do until they are that good or that it’s flat out just a hoax. Either way it’s put by anyone – be it your believe and know they exist or someone who doesn’t they’re is absolutely amazing things taking place by these children. But not only that, there is beliefs that drive this idea of Indigo children even further. Now it’s being said many individuals between 18 35 have started to be effected by the same energy as the Indigo children, they have many names for all of these types but either way. Great passion, skill & love are being awaken in these people as well.

Again some say it’s the age of awakening. Through out all of this though, we start to hear that the reason they are here is to guide those who have not yet to a crossroad, and at this crossroad they show by living example the ways we must live as a higher conscious being. You may not even know it though, as you and I walk throughout our lives we are constantly running into these children and the possibility they will effect you and I in the coming years is already here.

As I researched more about Indigo children and knowing the quantum laws of the universe AKA The Laws of Attraction and some knowledge of Kabbalah I know the reason for “Satan” (and Im not talking as a demon or god – this is representation of a force of energy that the Hebrew mention) or the energies of Chaos as well as knowledge of what the “light” is. Satan is nothing more than the opponent that we play against in our life. Simply put. The reason we need Satan is because, where we came from in the history of Kabbalah is a place of absolute prosperity, love & fulfillment. But as this is – there begins a time where we wish to earn our fulfillment and love through physical means (aka living/life). So to be able to project the way to earn your way to this fulfillment is to have a force applied to this place of order. (creating this material universe) This in turns creates shadows that currently we’re not there before.

So Satan is not an energy in which we should displace in our reality, it is Satan who also grants the playing field in which we chosen to play on & of course the light is in exact proportion in this dimension, and here is where we can truly meet god with absolute appreciation of knowing both realms of existence. So that’s that in a nutshell of course Kabbalah takes more detail to grasp the exact concepts but that should do for now.

So what this means is the increasing number of these children continue to grow and these awakening our taking place quicker and quicker perhaps it’s the coming age of “The New Sun” or 7th sun as the Mayan would address or “2012& #8243; where we merge with the new dimension. You Can Learn More By Watching The Mayan Prophecies of 2012 by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

But as we examine the world today and special if you have knowledge of The New World Order – Sacred Brotherhoods or Secret Societies – aka The Freemason, Thule Society, Rosicrucian s or Illuminati. You will absolutely begin to notice certain societies and members of these societies have what Kevin Trudeau likes to call The Parasitic Elite in them, these individuals push against the advancement of human nature and goodness to fulfill themselves by raking in on the society.

But as I ve finally come to realize is that What You Resist Persist works not just on a level of personal endeavors but works on a larger scale and it works for both those who see the nature of man kind rise and those that wish to see it fall. In sense Satan is working through these means to persist against our level of achievement thusly having it rise far faster and with much more excitement as before. With this more and more of these children are being born to move our race along quicker.

There has been a great amount of content on the internet and worldwide of children painting masterpieces of art, children as young as 3 or 4 playing violin solo s in front of crowds. A very popular movie called The Last Mimzy had given us a glimpse of the future to come – Michael Tsarion an alternative researcher had mentioned the gravity of how important these children are in his documentary Architects of Control . These children are absolutely abnormal to the current conditioned state of the world. They rise against unfairness, have a respectful distrust of certain authority and can calm and even heal people psychologically. Although as far fetched as it seems, there is concert proof of a rise in the level of human consciousness in this time.

So the time is now to understand, we all have a role to play during this time! Watch as the youth of the world opens our eyes to the real world and what we can do to heal ourselves and the world alike. Miracles will take place at record speeds and truth and enlightenment will spread ever faster, because what the “Elite” persist will also resist and become larger as time goes on.

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