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Transforming Power Of Soaking Music

Author : Mark Arens

Submitted : 2010-02-16 11:29:00    Word Count : 926    Popularity:   102

Tags:   Bible, Christian Life, Encouragement, God's Love, Soaking Music, Healing, Positive Message, Powerful Words, Relaxation Music, Peace

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Every day (hundreds of times a day) we are bombarded with advertising messages at nearly every turn. Buy this shampoo: feel more youthful, happy. Buy this deodorant: run like Flo Jo and never let them see you sweat. Buy this furniture: host beautiful parties and amass great wealth.

Seems ridiculous when you see it in plain print but when the message is subtly draped in gorgeous images and heart-pumping music, we start to believe that whatever we feel is missing in our lives can be purchased at the nearest mall.

The messages are almost unavoidable, we've come to expect them on TV commercials, newspaper ads and billboards but did you ever guess they'd be posted on the inner door of the restroom stall? How about on the floor of the stores we walk through? Now removable decals or even light generated slide shows of sorts are emblazoned on the flooring of shopping centers coast to coast. So if you happen to glance down as you're walking they'll tell you what else you're missing before you leave the store. Something's missing alright but it can't be purchased at the grocery market, Nordstrom or even Target (and they sell everything!)

As much as we're emerged in messages about what's missing in our lives, we need to diligently immerse ourselves in messages telling us what's not missing what's true. Soaking Music is the answer. If you're not familiar with the term, soaking music is designed to bring the listener into God's presence and encourage them with words (inspired from Scripture) that remind us of God's love, faithfulness, constant presence and care. These affirming words are all set over tranquil relaxation music. The concept is that you "soak" in words which reflect God's love, blessing and healing.

Imagine hearing a calm and soothing voice say (to you!): You were fearfully and wonderfully made. God purposely chose the exact time of your birth. You were made in God's image. Not one word about bouncing behaving hair or Spring Rain scents emitting from you as you run a 5K race. Just plain, beautiful, Scripture-based truth about who you are and who you were meant to be.

To me the title Soaking Music is just right. It naturally evokes images of water and being surrounded. Isn't that just what we need? To be surrounded by eternal truths about ourselves instead of perceived shortcomings or some lack in us. As far as I'm concerned there really isn't anything better than a really hot bath on a cold and tired day. And so it is with our need to soak in the presence of our Lord. We're cold from the world's (and our own) misperceptions about ourselves, and we need a good old soak in the tub of truth!

It's unfortunate that most of us have an easier time believing something unkind or unflattering about ourselves than a word of blessing. Guess that's why we need to hear the good stuff over and over and over again in order for it to sink in. Yet if we hear a harsh word spoken about us one time it make take weeks or even years for us to erase that wound from our hearts.

For those of us who love to be good in standing with others (we're called People Pleasers by the psychologists among us) we just love to know that everyone around us is happy with us approves of us. But low and behold this just can't be true all of the time since we're mere mortals and so are they. Their perceptions are marred by their own shortcomings and our attempts to please man before God will never leave us feeling full. There's such a good reason that the Lord tells us not to seek the praise of men. It will fall short every time. But if we seek to please Him and even more importantly, remember that He is always pleased with us, we'll cease striving, relax and pour in some more bubbles.

The truth is the Holy God of all humankind wants to make your day. He wants to speak words of love and life over little old you. It's an incredible concept one which can both humble and buoy you in the same instant. We need to know that God chose us when He planned creation (really!), that we are miracles, that we delight Him, that He is always with us. But how on this green earth are we ever going to remember that when we're not "tuning" in to His truth? Sadly, we'll have a hard time missing the all-too-present messages that we're not getting any younger, thinner, cuter as the moments pass us by. But we may miss the most amazing message of all if we don't make a concerted effort to hear it.

So here's your 99th advertising encouragement for the day (and hopefully the most compelling) get some Bible-based soaking music and turn it on. Soak in the truths that the King of Kings has for you. It's the real thing, you deserve a break today, because you're worth it, it's how you spell relief; He keeps going and going and going. Never again will you be asking: "Where's the beef?" You'll be so full of beautiful truths about yourself you'll run like a Deer.

Author's Resource Box

Mark Arens, owner of ThumbPeople, Inc. & author of Thumbuddy Books & products wants to share with you simple tools and ideas of how to combat the negativity that surrounds your family and how to empower your family to live a great life! visit ThumbPeople>>

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