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Warning Signs Of An Extramarital Affair

Author : Bryan Martin

Submitted : 2010-10-12 17:08:14    Word Count : 870    Popularity:   107


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When a married man or woman is having an extramarital relationship there are many times warning signs that they are being deceitful. Being familiar with the warning signs of an extramarital tryst can help you to decide whether or not your significant other is having an extramarital relationship. While demonstrating one or several of these behaviors is not determinative proof that your wife is having an extramarital affair, if you find you are nodding your head yes to all or most of the warning indicators, it may suggest that you wife is cheating.

Top 10 Warning signs Of An Extramarital affair

1. Suspecting An Affair - If something has caused you to suspect an extramarital relationship it is usually advantageous to trust your discernment. Unless you are the suspicious or unreasonable type there's probably a good reason that you are starting to ask about whether or not your husband or wife is being untrue. Usually when a person discovers proof that their husband has been cheating they end up desiring they would have trusted their gut feeling in the beginning.

2. Changes In Sexual Behaviors / Patterns - Differences in the sexual behaviors or patterns of your husband could be a warning sign of an extramarital affair. Is there something different in their kiss? Are you having sex more or less frequently? Has your husband lost all interest in sexual intimacy?

3. Suspicious Computer Activity - Many affairs involve a pc in one fashion or another, so doubtful personal computer activity can be a tell tale indicator of an extramarital tryst. Are there married dating sites in your husband's internet browser history? Does your husband get fearful when you walk in to the room where they are on the pc? Do they close the computer screen or change the online window?

4. Doubtful Cell phone Behavior - Strange cellular phone behavior can be a glaring warning sign that your significant other is involved in an extramarital relationship. Unfamiliar behaviors may include deleting their call log or text messages, unnatural cell phone calls at atypical times, not answering their cell when it rings or taking their calls in a separate room.

5. The Strong desire To Enormously Improve His or her physical appearance - Though it may be unfortunate, if your husband suddenly has a strong desire and ambition to make themselves more enthralling it's probably not you that they are hoping to impress. When an individual begins having an affair they will often attempt to radically improve their physical appearance. They may get a new , buy a new fragrance, join the gym or spice up their wardrobe.

6. Changes In His Schedule - Strange changes in your signifcant other's schedule may indicate that they are having an extramarital tryst. Is your partner suddenly working late? Getting called in to the office at unusual times? Have they stopped coming home for their lunch hour? Bizarre differences in your wife's regular schedule may be a sign that he or she is having an extramarital affair.

7. Drastic changes In Personality - When a man starts an extramarital relationship it can cause some strange changes in their personality. A pessimistic person may suddenly become positive, they may choose to start treating you better or they may begin to start treating you worse. They may start to use new sayings or like a new type of music. Changes in your wife's personality can be a sign that they are having an extramarital relationship.

8. Overly Possessive of Her Belongings - A man or woman who is having an extramarital relationship may become intensely territorial of their personal belongings. They become paranoid about their wallet, briefcase, cellphone or pc. A new found need for excessive privacy may bea warning sign that your husband is having an affair.

9. Atypical Smells - It may seem weird but you can often smell an extramarital affair. You husband or wife may smell of their partner or of their lover's perfume or cologne, or they may smell of a soap that is not the one you have at your house. Many times when a man or woman is having an affair you canliterally smell it.

10. Offbeat Financial Behavior - Having an extramarital tryst is generally not free of cost. If your spouse is being adulterous they're going to have to pay for it. Are their mysterious withdraws on your wife's accounts? Are they taking out money from irregular ATMS? Are their dinner or even hotel receipts in their pocket? Has your wife opened his own individual banking account? Strange banking behavior can be a sign of an extramarital affair.

Once again, exhibiting one or all of these behaviors is not unquestionably proof that your husband or wife is having an affair but if you find that you are nodding your head yes to all or most of these signs, it may mean that your husband or wife is indeed having an affair. Knowing the signs of an extramarital relationship can help you to decide if your wife is having an extramarital affair. If you imagine that your wife is having an extramarital affair it's often best to calmly challenge them with your suspicions. You may not get a candid answer when you challenge your wife about an extramarital tryst but the way they react can tell you all you need to know.

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