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Does Luck Exist?

Author : Farouk Radwan

Submitted : 2011-09-06 16:58:27    Word Count : 996    Popularity:   34

Tags:   luck

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Are there lucky people out there?
Why do some people get better chances than others?
And aren’t there brilliant people who didn’t get the chance to prove themselves yet?

Let me tell you a true story that would answer these questions
I go to the gym regularly all year round, 4 days per week

Usually every now and then a new group of people join the gym. Some of them lose hope after few weeks and never come again while some of them keep coming even though they aren’t seeing any progress

The group that keeps coming usually encounter old members who give them advice when they find that they are doing certain exercises incorrectly

As those people adjust the way they exercise they start seeing results and so become motivated to come again

Now didn’t you notice anything?
The people who continued to the end encountered opportunities that allowed them to learn how to exercise correctly. Usually these opportunities doesn’t come in the beginning because after all most people would never advice someone unless he proves that he is worth the advice

Because this second group kept showing up everyday for weeks the old professional players felt that they deserve the advice and so they started teaching them

In short, chances only encounter those who are persistent enough and lucky people are the ones who keep trying until someone notices them or until they notice something that helps them on their way

Years ago I was really interested in personal development and especially body language. I decided to write a book about body language and sell it, I met 2 publishers at this time the first told me you are talented but you’d better leave the country because no one will recognize you here and the second just asked me to leave wishing me good luck!!

I was very disappointed and when I started asking for advice from friends and relatives they told me that the only way to sell my information was through courses and sessions

I started a training company with a close friend and kept working for a year but we didn’t make any financial success at that time. I felt down and decided to quit. Few months later I was still eager to sell my information so I started another training company on my own but because I lost a large amount of my money at the stock market (almost 80% of my savings) I was too depressed to give sessions and so I decided to quit for the second time)

Few months later I felt that I must sell the valuable information that I have in a different way so I started my website along with 2 other friends. After one year of working hard without making except few dollars per month the 2 friends decided to quit and leave me on my own.

Everyone was criticizing me and advising me to focus on my career rather than go for something risky that would only waste my time.

I kept going and didn’t give up and one day I met a friend of mine who had a successful Ebusiness. I kept talking about my site and the effort I was putting in it and when my friend felt that I was trying hard he told me why don’t you sell your products online instead of providing free information?

I started doing so and within few years I became a dot com millionaire at the age of 28!!!
My website now sells more than 40 different products including the valuable information I wanted to sell earlier.

So again was I lucky? No, i wasn’t lucky at all but I was persistent enough to keep going until I encountered luck on my way.

Chances are always present but you need to keep trying hard until you bump into them.
Suppose I lost hope earlier and listened to any person who advised me to quit working on my site, what would have happened?

The site wouldn’t have been here
I wouldn’t have become a millionaire
And my life would have be wrecked just like a sunken ship

Luck doesn’t visit people randomly but it only visits those who keep waiting for the visit each day.

Suppose that someone told you that one day a king will pass beside your house and give the people standing there a very large sum of money, wouldn’t it be wise to wait for that kind in the street everyday?

And how your life be like if you waited for few days then decided not to show up again?
What if the kind passed only few days after you gave up?

Abraham Lincoln faced numerous failures and misfortune throughout his life but because he understood that luck only favors those who continue to the end he kept going

In 1816 his family was forced out of their home and he had to work to support them
In 1831 the business he started went bankrupt
In 1833 he started a new business and it went bankrupt too
In 1836 he stayed six months in bed because of a nervous breakdown
In 1843 he ran for the congress and lost
In 1846 he repeated the attempt and lost
In 1848 he went for a third attempt and lost
In 1854 he ran for senate elections and lost
In 1858 he ran for the senate position again and lost
In 1860 he was elected the president of the united states

What does such a story say about luck? The only lesson we can learn is that can create our own luck by becoming persistent enough to encounter the chances even if they took so much time to arrive

The story of Lincoln represents the life story of each person who failed but the only difference is that the person who failed stopped early and Lincoln kept going

The conclusion is simple

“We create our own bad luck by giving up too early then we call it misfortune”

Author's Resource Box, The ultimate source for self understanding

10,000,000 Million visits and counting. Why do i have bad luck?

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