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God And The Development Of Personal Growth And Personal Change

Author : Richard Kuhns

Submitted : 2011-09-14 08:07:45    Word Count : 562    Popularity:   43

Tags:   personal growth, personal change, subliminal messages, self worth, sense of self worth, eating too much, gutter guard, gutter cover

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When you look at personal growth and personal change you look at the place you are and the place you would want to go. A question that always occurs is that of God. Where do you fit in God's realm? What element does God play in your personal growth and personal change? What or who is God? How do you know God is real? Do you need to understand the bible forward and backward? Are you a better individual for believing in God? For how much of your personal growth and personal change can you rely on God to develop?
The answers to these inquiries may go a long way in aiding in your personal growth and personal change. What does God possess in keep for you? What is the expectation of your lifestyle?
If you examine each and every religion all over the world you'll locate that each has their own solutions to these inquiries and these folks are mainly all diverse. You'll realize that faith is something you need to depend upon to fill in the blanks.
In the old testament of the Christian bible, faith is what Daniel used once he was put in the lion's den and came out unscathed. It's such a phenomenal story that we are either disbelieve the story or we admire Daniel's relationship with God. If the story is real, what could possibly be the rationalization of a man put in a den of lions that are accustomed to eating people compared to what religion desires us to believe?
Is it possible that there is one more rationalization? I suspect so. I lately witnessed a equivalent event. It had nothing to do using lions but it did have to do using wasps and being on a roof. When it comes to bees a lot folks keep away from them or stay away from them. And a lot of us have been stung by a bee at one time or another--a thing we undoubtedly want to keep away from. We admire bee keepers and have noticed them in their protective suits. And naturally we've noticed somebody where there is no a protective suit close to a bee hive. Certainly, there are many folks who understand how to manage bees--honey bees. But how about wasps?
A fellow I lately hired to install Waterloov gutter guards was on a roof removing some gutter covers to repair. I was nearby on a ladder and noticed a wasp nest about 5 in. in diameter with about a dozen wasps flying about under the gutter cover panels he needed to remove.
I've worked near wasps nests before and observed that as long as I leave them alone, they leave me alone, but this nest had to be removed in order to finish the repair. I descended the ladder to ask the homeowner if she had any bee spray to kill them. She had none and as I returned to inform my new installer that we had a problem I noticed him holding the gutter cover panel in hand with the wasp nest still attached. He took his other hand using a pry bar and merely knocked the wasp nest to the ground.
I expected to see him running away with dozens of wasps chasing him but as an alternative he stood pretty motionless on the roof with a dozen wasps simply flying about him in confusion. He went on about his work and finished his work with no incident. If I hadn't noticed this first hand I may have had trouble believing what I had noticed.
Later on I asked him if he had ever been stung and he said that he's been working with gutters for fourteen years and never been stung. I was stung two times just last year in my back yard. Was it his belief in God that keeps him from getting stung? He's not even religious and has no emotions about God one way or the other. What could explain his skills with wasps and Daniel's experience with the lions? Naturally my employee is not the only individual who has been in incredibly harmful situations. There are guys who get in bath tubs well-rounded of rattle snakes. But a lot of these snake handlers at one time or another have been bitten by a snake not like Daniel who wasn't assaulted by the lions and my guy who has by no means been stung.
What could explain their experiences? I imagine it is in the character of God. You don't have to believe in God, in truth God doesn't give a damn whether or not you believe in God or not. And God is very amazing. And guess what? It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in God or not. Your personal growth and personal change can solely be thwarted if you possess confusions about your relationship with God.
So who is God? Rather than who, let's look at what God is. I'm talking about the ultimate God. This is the God of Christians, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Vodun, Scientology, Catholicism, and every other known religion there is believing in a higher supremacy or God. To answer this, its important to look at what we understand to be factual. If God is omnipotent may he/she/it be stupid about details like arithmetic? Don't think so. We by no means think of God be a mathematician, do we? May he be stupid about details like chemistry? Or physics? Or Biology? Or Probability?
In simple fact, if everyone had the solutions to all the details we don't realize, it would be God. And maybe that's because God is the laws of mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and probability.
And guess what? These legal guidelines govern each and every living and non living thing. God is in each and every one and each and every thing. God is in the mosquito that we hate and the hummingbird we admire. Humans are favored in that we are the most sophisticated manifestation of God. After all we possess a better comprehension of mathematics, physics, probability, and biology compared to any other animal on this planet. When and if we absolutely realize all these legal guidelines we'll realize how Daniel survived the lion's den and why the new fellow who works for me could stand on the roof with a dozen indignant wasps flying about him to name just two enigmas. We'll also realize details like deja vous, Edgar Cayce, clairvoyance, esp, the ability to bend metal like spoons mentally, life after death, and so on.
There are no subliminal communications from any deity or God informing you what to do with your life or what your expectation is. Your expectation is whatever you choose it to be. Your personal development and personal change is what you make it to be. There is no good and there is no bad. There is no right and there is no wrong. There are merely a lot of diverse techniques of performing and looking at the same thing. The goal is to choose the choices with the lowest psychological and physical cost while being responsible to God. Certainly, it is possible to murder, cheat, and pillage, but these possibilities possess large penalties and are not responsible to God in promoting well being and health.
It's important to understand that God is in the tornado, the earth quake, the tsunami, Bin Laden, Moammar Gadhafi, your monk or clergy man, your mother, father, our President, politicians, and so on--absolutely everyone and each and every thing. Naturally we have our likes and our dislikes and when the tornado tears down our residence it's up to every one of us to determine a way of getting through it and hopefully profiting from it for personal growth and personal change.
We'd all like to imagine that if we declare our allegiance to God, that he could be pulling for us. That he cares what occurs to us. And that he'll be there in times of need. Naturally this is all correct. For as you declare your allegiance to God you are declaring your allegiance to you--God. And you undoubtedly care what occurs to you and you undoubtedly want to be creative in times of need. And you are not alone!
Your friends, family, and quite a few acquaintances (all God) also care what occurs to you.
In summary, don't let your personal growth or personal change plan get bogged down hanging around from subliminal messages from God. As you are the manifestation of the laws of chemistry, mathematics, probability, and biology, you are God.

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Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E., NGH certified has been writing for the internet for over four years. He has best selling self help mp3 downloads for personal growth and programs to
find a sense of self worth and help with binging.

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